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Charles Searles: In Motion

April - June 2013

Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Underlying impulses of continual movement and transformation, both stylistic and conceptual, permeate the large-scale paintings and sculptures of Philadelphia native Charles Searles (1937-2004).  The inherent energy and activity of Searles’ urban surroundings; his stylistic progression from naturalism toward gesture and abstraction; the nuances of his thinking and working processes; and his transitions among media – from drawing to painting and sculpture, as well as in the combination of approaches – find expression in the palpable rhythms of music and dance, and the vivid colors and lively patterns inspired by the cultural traditions of Searles’ African heritage.  This studied investigation of significant aspects of Searles’ life and work describes the kinetic spark in the artist’s hand and mind that stimulated the conception, execution, and production of his work throughout his career.

Curated by Susanna W. Gold with her graduate students Alicia Bonilla-Puig, Alexander Cohn, Louise Feder, Elise Houck, Rachel McCay, Nicole Restaino, William Schwaller, and James Short for Dr. Gold's Fall 2012 "American Art" seminar.


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