Robert McNellis:  Light Constructions

April 14 - May 5, 2018

NoBA Artspaces, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Blue Noise, 2018
LED, transparency, acrylic. 16”x16”x9"
Blue lines, 2018
LED, transparency, acrylic. 24”x12”x9"
Red Wire, 2018
LED, transparency, acrylic, 24”x12”x9"
Seurat, 2018
LED, transparency, acrylic, 24”x19”x11"
Anonymous Sunscape
2016. LEDs, colored gels, acrylic. 30”x36”x7"
Slice, 2017
Digital prints on Dibond, LEDs, colored gels, canvas. 40”x30”
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Robert McNellis combines light, industrial materials, film, video, and photography to create sculpture that bridges abstraction and representation. Subtle gradations of color, essential geometric shapes, and movement are explorations of pure form, while images of spaces and objects in the natural world are obscured or scarcely defined, and always elusive. McNellis has recently begun incorporating elements of 16mm film from his early practice of art in the 1970s, introducing elements of time, memory, and repetition into his work.


McNellis studied Film and Digital Photography at the University of South Florida and Troy University, and soon after began incorporated fluorescent lights, color filters, industrial materials, and LED to construct large 3-D works. He has exhibited his work at Jed Williams Gallery, ARTSPACE 1241, Holy Family University Art Gallery, and the Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy, AL.

Bryn Mawr, PA  |   |   610-368-6927


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