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Paul Cava: Photographs, Collages, Montages


This limited edition version of "Paul Cava: Photographs, Collages, Montages" is a softcover, limited edition signed book publication featuring the photography and photo-based fine art of artist Paul Cava, and includes one of three selected pigment prints on 11 x 8 ½ inch sheets, each signed and numbered in an edition of 10. ($550) Each collector may choose their preferred original print  from the selections pictured here: 

The book itself is 76 pages with 57 reproductions. Includes nudes, still lifes, abstractions. The artist's second book covers mostly previously unpublished photographs, collages and montages made between the years 1979 - 2019. “In its reverence for ‘the happy accident’, its quest to transcend the boundaries of time and place, to distill the emotional resonance of an image or a moment, Cava's art, like Whitman’s words, asks us to open ourselves to the grandeur and the depth of feeling within each of us…Cava achieves not only a seamless technical fluidity, but an ability to manipulate imagery and association with a delicacy of touch, a generosity of spirit and a tenderness for the absurdity of our predicament that come only with artistic and personal maturity... Indeed, it is nearly impossible to stand before the naked images in this body of work and not feel naked as well, for in their purity and integrity, in their own vulnerability and humanity, they reach beyond our carefully tended boundaries and touch the part of us that despite its own better judgment, loves and lives for love...” Arden Kass from "Walt Whitman and Paul Cava, Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass". Signed copies of the book without original print are available for $50.


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