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Joseph McAleer

Joseph McAleer is an artist and lifelong educator based in NJ. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Rowan University, and has exhibited his work up and down the east coast, including major solo exhibitions at  Bridgette Mayer Gallery and Locks Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Every purchase comes with a free, hardcover copy of the beautiful illustrated new book, "Joseph McAleer: Sixty Years." 

"Joe McAleer's paintings engage us as participants in a complex perceptual game. Comprised of contrasting patterns of color, texture, and form, which fill the canvas from edge to edge, his restless abstractions elude a fleeting encounter. Rather, they absorb our attention with rhythmic structures and visual anomalies designed to stimulate and perplex our senses. McAleer's kaleidoscopic abstractions have their basis in the humble Modernist's grid,......"
- Joe Houston, Author "Optic Nerve, Perceptual Art of the 1960s"; Curator, Hallmark Art Collection.


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