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Jenny Lynn

“I think of my work as visual poems -- realms in which I explore the interplay between object and image, dream and reality, chance and design, and collective and personal consciousness. Drawing upon my backgrounds in painting, photography and film, I “use everything” in my art, and mix careful planning with the “accidents” that happen during the creative process.”
- Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn’s artwork is represented in many private and public collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography, and the Norton Museum of Art. Jenny Lynn exhibits regularly at galleries and museums, and her retrospective monograph, “PhotoPlay,” features numerous examples of her inventive works. Best described as a "media mix," her artwork has been featured in “Photo District News,” “The New Yorker,” and “ZOOM International” magazines, as well as on book covers, for such publishers as Random House and Simon and Schuster. In 2015, an illustrated book that she conceived and edited, “EyeBook: Sixty Artists. One Subject.,” was published by the fine art publisher Damiani of Bologna, Italy. Jenny Lynn is also well known for the widely seen magazine advertisement ABSOLUT LYNN, commissioned for the “Absolut Artists” series.

Jenny Lynn was born in Tampa, Florida, and raised outside Philadelphia. After studying painting and photography at the Tyler School of Art, she briefly pursued filmmaking at the New York University Graduate School of Film and Television. Returning to photography, Lynn established herself as a freelance photographer and designer in New York City, and later lived in Santa Barbara, California, before moving to Philadelphia, where she currently resides and works. Jenny Lynn has taught and lectured at colleges, universities, and professional organizations throughout the country, and regularly conducts photo workshops in and around Philadelphia.

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