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Inside Out 

April 12 - May 5, 2018

@ The InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia

Repetition, variation, and obsession are patterns that readily emerge among these contributions to InLiquid's  member exhibition, "Inside Out." The psychological lure of a particular geographical or imagined space that begs to be explored and re-explored. A singularly fascinating subject or form that repeatedly surfaces in bodies of work over time. The therapeutic working and re-working of a single idea. The re-living of a memory that has become lodged in one's mind and simply refuses be released. These preoccupations inform the artists' methods and guide their compositions, resulting in work that describes their highly personal and deeply considered motivations. 

Cythnia Back • Agathe Bouton • Justin Bursk • Paula Cahill • Joan Wadleigh Curran • Kit Donnelly • Patrick Hay • Olivia Jia • Jennifer Johnson • David A. Karasow • Jen McCleary • Deirdre Murphy • Laura Petrovich-Cheney • Paul Santoleri • Terri Saulin • Robert Solomon • Christine Stoughton • Alice Thompson • Kathleen Vaccaro • Jorge Luis Vega • Hanna Vogel • Pedro Zagitt • Dganit Zauberman

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