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Ellen Tiberino

(b. 1973)


Amongst the Heavens, 2024, glass and ceramic, 24” x 24” x 4"

"Since birth I was involved in the visual arts and the spirit of creativity. 

My parents, Ellen Powell Tiberino and Joe Tiberino, both had distinguished visual art careers. As a child, I always worked at home as an artist and attended classes at Fleisher Art Memorial.  Over the past twenty years I have been inspired and I’ve developed as a prominent artist. The largest part of my inspiration was in finding my medium. I truly enjoy working with stained glass and the entire process is a very soothing, almost religious experience for me. 

From choosing the different rich colors of glass panes, then cutting and moving the glass pieces around until they work just right, to seeing the finished product emerge after grouting. I work with the stained glass in a method of mosaic that I would equate to painting with glass. It is very thought out and precise. I like the colors of the stained glass to flow. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, in which I am constantly amazed and astounded by the natural world around me, and I seek to glorify it in my artwork."  - 
Ellen Tiberino

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