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Petrucci Family Foundation Tribeca Showcase

Curator & Artist Conversations

Pathways for Dialogue:

past, present, future

Susanna Gold in conversation

Brittany Webb
Evelyn & Will Kaplan Curator,
Pennsylvania Academyof the Fine Arts

Kimberli Gant
Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art,
Brooklyn Museum of Art

Dianne Smith
Sculpture, Painting, Photography,
Video & Installation Artist



Dianne Smith, Hidden Beauty, 2011. Hand knotted fiber, rope, string, and foam

Susanna Gold in conversation

John Dowell
Artist & Professor Emeritus
Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Dara Haskins
Artist of portraits, figurative paintings,
& mixed media works


John Dowell, To Move From Infinity, 1981. Acrylic on canvas, 42" x 58"

Dara Haskins, "Coconut Waters XXX"

Dara Haskins, Coconut Waters XXX, 2022, acrylic & rhinestones on canvas, 55" x 35"

Susanna Gold in conversation
with artists

Claes Gabriel
Artist of 2D and 3D shaped paintings

LeRone Wilson
Painter and sculptor in beeswax
and mixed media


Claes Gabriel, Queen of Time, 2016, acrylic on shaped canvas, 50" x 36" x 12"

LeRone Wilson, Djadjat Saba (Soul), 2020, beeswax and pigment on panel, 30" x 30"

Petrucci Family Foundation's
Tribeca Showcase

371 Broadway at Franklin St., NYC


In May and June of 2023, the Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African American Art installed its first exhibition showcase in New York City. PFF worked with Program Producer, Linda Lees, to organize 12 panels and conversations that pair African American artists, curators, gallerists, and museum executives to discuss Black art -- where it's been, where it is now, and where it's going.

Watch all 12 of these conversations on PFF's YouTube channel:  

Many thanks to Crumlic Media for the beautiful videography and edits. Thank you also to all of the panelists who participated in these conversations!

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