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Becca Barolli  |  Agathe Bouton  |  Eric Standley

Meyer Family Award for Contemporary Art &

19th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition

juried by Susanna Gold

Nov 12 - Dec 22, 2022

Main Line Art Center
746 Panmure Road 
Haverford, PA

Opening Reception & Artist Talks:

Sat, Nov 12, 6-8pm

Mon: 9am–6pm  |  Tues-Thurs: 9am-9:30pm
Fri & Sat: 9am-5pm  |  Sun: closed

INTRICACY brings together three artists working in different mediums -- sculpture, printmaking, and installation -- for a deep-dive into the labor-intensive processes that yield their delicate yet complex forms. Becca Barolli bends, weaves, braids, and knits wire lengths with repetitive, compulsive movements to shape her work into seemingly soft forms that resemble anything but metal. Agathe Bouton surpasses our expectations of the printing press with her large-scale compositions that are combined and recombined, cut, layered, and stitched into endless variations. Eric Standley builds his series of over 50 elaborate, radiating designs from layer upon layer of vibrant paper that has been cut with exacting precision, each intimately-scaled work demanding to be considered in its own right as well as within the broader installation context. When viewed in juxtaposition, the work of Barolli, Bouton, and Standley encourages the viewer to understand the detailed and complicated methods behind their equally detailed and complicated compositions.

The Meyer Family Award for Contemporary Art, presented by Main Line Art Center in conjunction with the Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition, honors chosen artists with an exhibition in the Center's gallery and an award of $1,000. This award and associated exhibition program is an effort to support talented contemporary artists, to honor deserving artists in the field, and to encourage excellence and experimentation in artistic practice, presentation, and community involvement.

This exhibition is made possible by the generous support of the Meyer Family. 

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