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A private exhibition featuring eight Philadelphia-area artists who engage the aesthetics, processes, and symbolic codes of communication.

December 2-23, 2016

Bryn Mawr, PA

Each of the eight artists represented here takes a unique approach to the idea of writing and communication, whether in terms of process, aesthetics, symbolic structure, or function.  They examine words and language not simply for their literal meaning, but for their conceptual complexity -- as systems of patterns; as symbols of ideas; as visual designs; and as products of particular physical actions and gestures created with specialized tools and materials.  Together, these 60+ paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures express how something so seemingly mundane as writing – something we see and do many times every day – is constructed from multiple intellectual processes.

Stella Untalan

Sophie Sanders

Rebecca Jacoby

Marguerita Hagan

Patricia Dusman

Paula Cahill

Danielle Bursk

Gerard Brown

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